• These outlines can solve a lot of print related problems in question papers and worksheet.
  • Also these images can be easily edited in Paint or other similar software( My Paint) to create many questions such as fill in the missing parts, join the words to complete the picture, collages, colouring and many , many  other versatile ways.
  • The most important feature is that they are print friendly and cost effective in terms of ink.
  • More themes can be found on the google pages through suitable search words such as the ones seen when you link to any of the themes given below.

Enjoy the Creative Experiences!!!


  1. Alphabet- English- Capitals
  2. Alphabet- English- Small Letters
  3. Alphabets, Numerals, shapes flashcards and worksheets
  4. Animals
  5. Birds 
  6. cartoons
  7. city
  8. Clipart of animals
  9. clothes
  10. clothes
  11. Daily Routines
  12. dotted number cards
  13. emotions and feelings
  14. family
  15. family- Clipart
  16. farm animals
  17. Farming
  18. flowers 
  19. Fruits
  20. Fruits and Vegetables
  21. houses
  22. Human Body Parts
  23. Means of transport
  24. Number and number name cards 
  25. Our helpers /occupations
  26. Peacock
  27. Safe drinking water
  28. shapes
  29. Vehicles
  30. vegetables
  31. village life
  32. water

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